100 Harps! Auckland Harp Expo…

100 harps - Harp Expo!

On 28th July 2018 will be Auckland’s first ever HARP EXPO!

Known as “100 Harps”, it will be a wonderful chance for testing out different harps and harp makers, listening to a variety of performers, and meeting some harp teachers – I will be there!

There is a facebook event here… and the venue is St David’s in the Fields Church, 202 Hillsborough Road, Auckland, New Zealand 1042

Hope to see you there! Come and meet me if you haven’t already 🙂

Welcome to my website :)

This is my new website!

Hi, I’m Wendy. I’ve been learning harp for a good fifteen years and in recent years I have begun teaching it too!

There is a lot of fun to be had with learning music and the harp is one of the most pleasing instruments I’ve ever encountered. It is so much fun to play, and makes a lovely sound even when played by a beginner.

There is a lot of music now written for harp, including some amazing New Zealand composers. As the harp becomes more accessible the number of people playing grows – want to become one of them? Contact me! ?